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G’day Travelers! You may not have realised this, but I’m photographer… Well more specifically a sports photographer, and that’s one of the ways I fund my travels. So I carry around a pretty decent camera kit with me at most times. However there are times where I just don’t want to carry around bulky DSLR cameras and lenses. That’s where the Sony RX100 Mark 3 grabbed my interest.

I’ve been using the Sony RX100 Mark 3 (or Sony RX100 MIII as it’s referred to in some places) for the last few months. I’ve taking it with me on all my trips so far this year. That’s given me a good opportunity to get a good understanding of the camera to give you this review.

Sony RX100 Mark 3
Sony RX100 Mark 3

What I like about the Sony RX100 Mark 3

It’s small form factor and ability to fit into a pocket is what first brought the RX100 to my attention. It’s not as small as a smart phone but it can fit reasonably into most pockets, which to me makes a lot of sense for a travel camera. However packed into that small size is a decent enough image quality. It’s not quite DSLR quality but Carl Zeiss lens and 1 inch sensor does provide a solid image, much better than what a smart phone and most compact cameras can deliver. Perfect for when I’m out and about.

Another advantage for me as a photographer is that the RX100 outputs both JPEG and RAW files. I wont go into much detail about what that RAW means for normal use, but for me as a photographer it allows me greater flexibility to tune the images. While the JPEG files are very good for normal everyday usage.

For those looking to make a comparison to a DSLR camera it has a 24-70mm (equivalent) zoom lens with a variable maximum aperture of f1.8 to f2.8, making this very versatile camera. Also the ability to use the camera with full manual control in both photo and video modes is ideal. I also like the inclusion of the built-in ND filter, exceptionally helpful when using the camera for video. The inbuilt image stabilizer is also very good for hand-held shooting.

Another handy feature is the flip-up screen. I don’t take a lot of selfies, or any, for that matter.  But it would be great for that, with the camera automatically switching the a 3 second count down when in “selfie mode”.

Sony RX100 Mark 3
Sony RX100 Mark 3

What I don’t like about the Sony RX100 Mark 3

There is not much I don’t like about the Rx100, but there is one thing in particular that does frustrate me a little. When using manual mode in photo and video on the camera the settings transfer across. So if you manually set your settings to capture a photo and the switch over to video it will try to use those settings to record video. If you’ve ever done video and photo work you’ll understand why this isn’t much good. Just something to keep in mind that each time you touch the dial you’ve got to double check your settings. I hope that Sony might look at separating the 2 sets of settings in a future software update to the camera.

Another thing that other people might find difficult, is the price of the RX100. It’s not a cheap camera, in fact you can buy some low end DSLR camera kits at the same price. However I don’t find this an issue, I think the price is justified for what you get.


Canon have the G7X which is supposed to be very similar to the Rx100. I haven’t had a chance to test out that camera yet, but I’d like to try it out, to see how it measures up in comparison. If I can get my hands on one I’ll do a review of it and a comparison.

Sony RX100 Mark 3
Sony RX100 Mark 3


Its good, for me its a sound investment. It’s definitely is not going to replace a full blown DSLR but I can get a of quality images I expect from my other camera gear, while having the ease of something that fits into my pocket. I can go for a walk or even out to dinner with it in my pocket. It’s the camera I can keep with me at all times which means more opportunities to get great photos that would have not been there because carrying a DSLR was not practical.

For more information about and the full spec sheet for Sony RX100 Mark 3 visit the Sony website –

That wraps up my review of the RX100. Which camera do you use in your travels? Leave me a comment below or get in touch via the contact page and let me know so I can check them out.

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