Top 5 Things To Do In Launceston

G’day Travelers! Following on from my recent trip to Launceston, I thought I’d throw together my list of the top 5 things to do in Launceston. Now I’ve by no means spent a lot of time in the city, but I’ll be back for sure to spend some more time there in the future. These are the things that grabbed my attention while I was there.

5. City Park

Launceston City Park is a combination of parkland, botanical gardens and zoo. Right next to the center of the city, it would be a great place to sit down for a picnic or just relax for a couple of hours. And did I mention it had Monkeys?!

To find out more about the City Park head to

Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

4. National Automobile Museum of Tasmania

The National Automobile Museum of Tasmania located right next to Launceston City Park has a pretty cool selection of interesting and historic cars. If you have any interest in cars, bikes and motorsport it’s well worth the price of admission.

To find out more about the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania head on over to the website –

Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

3. The National Parks

The appeal of visiting Tasmania is its natural beauty, using Launceston as a base in the north of Tasmania, there are almost a dozen National Parks and Natural Reserves within a couple of hours drive to go and explore. Of particular interest are Wine Glass Bay and Cradle Mountain which would be day trips outside of Launceston. Or for extra adventure the Overland Track.

For more about Tasmania’s National Parks head to the website –

2. James Boag’s Brewery

Beer! Need I say more?… You can also do tour the working brewery which is a unique experience. There is also a small museum and cafe/pub to quench a well earn thirst from walking around and exploring the facility.

For more about the James Boag’s Brewery head on over to the website –

Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

1. Cataract Gorge

An amazing natural wonder which is only a short walk from the heart of the city. It’s without doubt the main reason to go to Launceston. It’s a great place to get out and explore with trails and paths for all levels of fitness. It’s well worth the effort, the harder the trails, the more amazing the views.

For more about Cataract Gorge and the available facilities, head over to the website –

Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Planning your first trip to Launceston? Check out my blog post with tips for first time travelers to the city.

Have you been to the Launceston before? Feel something else should have been on the list? Let me know comment below so I can check them out for next time.

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