Top 5 Things To Do In Darwin

G’day Travelers! As you will already know if you follow this blog, I was recently in Darwin. While I didn’t have a lot of time to explore Darwin, I managed to squeeze in quite a few things into my time there. So here are my picks for the top 5 things to do in Darwin.

5. Stokes Hill Wharf and the Waterfront Precinct

The Waterfront Precinct is not so much an attraction in its own right, but more a collection of attraction. It’s home to several of Darwin’s attractions, both new and old. If you’re interested in some of the history of Darwin, then the historic attractions include the World War Two Oil Tunnels and the Stoke Hill Wharf. Which contributed to the history of Darwin as a hub of activity during the second world war.

While some of the more recent developments include the Wave Lagoon, a protected beach and the Darwin Aquarium Zoo which offer kids, and kids at heart, something to do as well. The Precinct also has a variety of accommodation and dining options, making it an ideal hub for tourist and good starting point for first timers to Darwin.

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

4 . The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

If you’re looking for a little bit of culture and a general history of Darwin, then the Museum and Art Gallery of the North Territory is where you need to go. Located on the coast, just north of the city, the museum houses several great exhibitions highlighting different parts of the history of Darwin, including Aboriginal culture and the devastating effects of Cyclone Tracey.

The museum has free entry, unless there is a special exhibition, and offers plenty to keep just about anyone interested. For more information about the Museum and Art Gallery of the North Territory head to –!magnt/c17pc

3. Defence of Darwin Experience

Darwin was the only part of mainland Australia to be significantly effected during the Second World War, experiencing war first hand when the Japanese bombed it several times over period of 2 years. In fact Darwin was attacked by the same Japanese fleet that inflicted so much damage on Pearl Harbour.

The Defence of Darwin Experience and the Darwin Military Museum brings you into the that time with interactive exhibitions and displays, showcasing the conflict and how it effected the landscape of Darwin. For more information check out and

2. Crocosaurus Cove

No trip to Darwin is complete without a Crocodile experience. While there are plenty of Croc experiences to choose from, Crocosaurus Cove has the advantage of being located right in the center of city on Mitchell Street, which is the heart of the touist/backpacker area in Darwin.

The key attraction at Crocosaurus Cove is the “Cage of Death”, which lets you get into the water with some of the parks largest Croc’s. But if you’re not that adventurous, there are plenty of other displays that let you discover more about Crocodiles and other local Australian animals.

For more information about Crocosaurus Cove check out there website –

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

1. Mindil Markets

Good food, exceptional view… What else could you want?

Held every Thursday and Sunday during the dry season. The Mindil Markets setup in the late afternoon with a good variety of market stalls and food vendors. But it’s around sunset when the markets start to get busy. Tourists flock to the area for the famous sunsets and live performances within the markets.

I recommend getting to the markets early and picking your spot on the beach to enjoy the sunset. Then head into the markets to pick yourself up a really good feed from the variety of food vendors, which are all very reasonably priced.

To find out more head to –

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

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Have you been to the Darwin before? Feel something else should have been on the list? Let me know with a comment below.

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