Top 5 Things To Do In Auckland

G’day Travelers! I recently had a chance to get over to Auckland, New Zealand and do a little bit of exploring. I managed to fit a far bit into a relatively short trip, which was good. So here I’ve put together my picks for the top 5 things to do in Auckland.

5. Auckland Explorer Bus

If you are looking for a convenient way to see a lot of Auckland in a short amount of time then the Auckland Explorer Bus is must. The bus offers two routes encompassing a lot of the key tourist attractions around Auckland. If you don’t have your own transport in Auckland, it’s a great way to tick off all the main attractions. The two routers take about 2 and half hours to complete if you travel straight through. So all-day tickets give you the opportunity to stop at a couple of attractions and go exploring.

To find out more about the Auckland Explorer Bus visit their website –

4. Skycity Skytower

Skycity Casino is a world all of its own, like most casino’s are. However the key attraction the SkyTower is amazing. It offers uninterrupted 360 degree views out over the city from its observation decks. However if that’s not good enough there is a rotating restaurant and bar to sit back and enjoy the view play out in front of you.

For those seeking more adventure, like all things in New Zealand, you can climb out on top of the tower and you can bungee off it too.

To find out more about the Skycity Skytower, visit their website –

Auckland, New Zealand

3. Mt Edan

Mt Edan is an extinct volcano, just to the south of the city that offers great views over the Auckland’s skyline. The walk to the top requires a degree of fitness but the views out over the city a just stunning. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot else to do at Mt Edan. But the view itself is definitely worth the trip.

Auckland, New Zealand

2. Maritime Museum

New Zealand has a very rich maritime history, from its Maori origins to it’s America’s Cup wins. Auckland’s Maritime Museum covers all the history of New Zealand’s maritime accomplishments. It is also home to their America’s Cup winning yacht which is proudly on display. Definitely worth a visit to get in insight into life in New Zealand’s water ways.

To find out more check out their website –

1. Auckland Museum

Auckland’s Museum also serves at the Auckland War Memorial. It’s a unique fusion that provided a very good insight into the history of New Zealand and Auckland. There are several themed sections, with the bottom floor dedicated to Maori and Pacific Islander life. The middle floor offers insight into the New Zealand’s volcanic landscape. While the top floor features the War Memorial and a history of New Zealand’s military history.

To find out more about Auckland Museum head on over to their website –

Auckland, New Zealand

Heading to Auckland for the first time? Why not have a look at my tips for heading to Auckland for the first time.

Have you been to the Auckland before? Feel something else should have been on the list? Let me know with a comment below.

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