Top 5 Things To Do In Adelaide

G’day Travelers! Following on from my recent trip to Adelaide, I thought I’d put together my list of the Top 5 Things To Do In Adelaide. Now I’ve by no means spent a lot of time in the city, and I’m aiming to spend a bit more time there in the future, but these are  my top things in the South Australian capital.

5 – Explore

The easiest and simplest way to get to know Adelaide is to get out there and walk around. It’s not very big city and it’s extremely well laid out. Making it really easy to get outside and go explore without fear of getting hopelessly lost. The northern part of the city is where the main tourist attractions are, however there is plenty to discover all over the city.

Adelaide, SA, Australia

4 – Central Markets

The combination of the fresh food market, touristy shops and the cafe’s and restaurants make the Central Markets and the surrounding area a must on any trip to Adelaide. It’s the place to go for a good meal, regardless of your budget, you’ll find something to suit for sure.

Adelaide, SA, Australia

3 – Haigh’s Chocolates/Rundle Mall

Sticking with the food theme, Haigh’s Chocolates is a unique South Australian experience. Located at the western end of Rundle Mall, the building and store hold true to their 1915 heritage, which is impressive. Also the chocolate is pretty good to. While Rundle Mall is the shopping strip in the city, if you’re not a shopper it’s still worth walking down as you’ll find a variety of performers and entertainment throughout the day.

Adelaide, SA, Australia

2 – Take the Tram to Glenelg

Looking to cool off from a hot summers day? Catch the tram to the beach. It’s that simple and convenient. Alternatively you can explore the Jetty and Marina. While The Beachhouse right next to the beach has water slides and arcade games to keep people of all ages entertained.

1 – Adelaide Zoo

Panda’s…. I mean, do I really need another reason recommend Adelaide Zoo? Outside of the Panda’s which are the key draw card, there are a wide variety of animals to learn about from all over the world.

Adelaide, SA, Australia

Have you been to the Adelaide before? Feel something else should have been on the list? Let me know comment below so I can check them out for next time.

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