Top 4 Things To Do In Perth

G’day Travelers! Having just gotten back from Perth, I thought I’d throw together my top 4 things to do in Perth, Western Australia.

Now I know 36 hours isn’t nearly enough to really do Perth justice. None of my trips this year have been enough to explore any city properly. But much like what I do with my trips, you just need to make the most of these opportunities as they present themselves, no matter how short the trip.

So with that in mind these are the four things that caught my attention from my time in Perth. I’ll certainly be heading back to see the rest of what Perth and Western Australia has to offer as soon as I can.

4. Kings Park and Botanical Garden

Kings Park and Botanical Garden’s is one of Perth’s leading tourist attractions for a reason. It offers some amazing views over the city of Perth and the Swan River. But it’s also a great place to escape the city and get in touch with nature. I spent a couple of hours wandering around the trails, but I’m sure I could have spent more time there as it has plenty of things to see and do.

It was originally called Perth Park when it was founded in 1895, it was renamed Kings Park in 1901. It’s also home to several memorials to West Australian’s who lost there lives overseas with the War Memorial and Bali Bombing Memorial taking pride of place in the center of the park.

To find out about everything Kings Park has to offer, check out the Perth Botanical Garden and Park Authority website –

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

3. Western Australia Museum – Perth

I thought I needed to include an indoor item to this list, so with that in mind, the Western Australian Museum falls in at number 3. Located right in the middle of the city, the museum offers an interesting collection of permanent and traveling exhibits. It has a great insight into the history of Western Australia as well as a collection of interesting animals from all over the world.

I’ll also give it bonus points, as the Western Australia Museum has free entry, although you are encouraged to make a donation. It’s also worth keeping in mind that some touring exhibitions may attract an entry free. For more information about the museum head over to their website –

2. Fremantle

Originally built as a port city to service the needs of Perth, Fremantle or Freo as it’s affectionately known as by the locals, is the city next to the city. Fremantle and Perth are less than 20 kilometres apart making it easy for tourists to confuse Fremantle as one of Perth’s suburbs, instead of a city in its own right.

It’s a great place to wander amongst the Colonial style, Convict built buildings from the mid 1800’s. The train station, markets and prison are all excellent examples of the architecture from the time, with Fremantle Prison now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Listed site. I spent a couple of hours walking around, but you could easy spend a couple of days exploring Fremantle. Make sure you do a tour of the prison, while you’re there.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

1. Watch The Sunset

This one was a novelty for me. Being able to sit on the beach and watch the sunset into the ocean is amazing and a must do, even if only once during your time in Perth. It’s a stunning sight, with plenty of options from bars and restaurants to even just sitting on the beach, up and down the coast, to get a unique view of the famous sunsets.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Heading to Perth for the first time? Why not have a look at my tips for first timers visiting Perth.

Have you been to the Perth before? Feel something else should have been on the list? Let me know with a comment below.

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