Things to Know Before You go to Townsville

G’day Travelers! Following on in my series of posts about Townsville, Queensland. I thought I put together my tips for things you need to know before you go to Townsville for the first time.

Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Getting To The City From The Airport

The cheapest and probably easiest way to get to and from Townsville Airport is the shuttle bus service but that runs connections between the airport, Magnetic Island Ferry terminal and all the major hotels. The shuttle bus service will set you back about $10 each way. To find out more about the service and to make bookings visit –

However you could alternatively rent a car or take a Taxi. The airport is only about a 10 minute drive from the center of town, and a Taxi fare will set you back about $20 each way, depending on where you are staying. To find out more about transport options for Townsville Airport visit –

Getting Around The City

The main part of Townsville city, along the waterfront, is fairly condensed with some really good foot paths. This makes getting around on foot quite easy. There is also plenty of parking available, particularly around the waterfront if you’ve decided to go the car option. But I found no issues walking around.

Getting Beyond The City

Getting beyond the city is where you’ll need a car. The streets are generally well sign posted and it’s pretty easy to get around. However if you’re in a position to rent a car, there are bus services operated by Sunbus. To find out more about the bus routes, timetables and ticket prices head on over to

Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Where To Find Food?/What To Do In The Evenings?

There are a couple of precincts that I’d recommend for looking for food or a night out.

The first being The Strand, there are several cafes, restaurants and bars along the waterfront. The further away from the water the cheaper the restaurants tend to get, but its the most diverse collection of food and drink venues in Townsville.

My second recommendation is Flinders Street on the northern side of Ross Creek. This area is mostly bars and nightclubs, but it’s also has a variety of food places to cater to the backpacker market. If you are looking to kick on with your night, this is where you need to head.

My third recommendation Palmers Street on the southern side of Ross Creek, this is predominately where you’ll find the big chain hotels. There is also a good selection of restaurants in the area, catering for the tourist market. However being a tourist market, they tend to be pricier than the other options.

Where To Stay?

Again, The Strand, Flinders Street and Palmers Street is where you’ll find the greatest concentration of convenient hotels in Townsville. There are other accommodation options scattered around the city, but in terms concentration of options and being able to walk out the door to most of the attractions in Townsville, these are the main areas to look.

Here’s a selection of some of the hotel options in and around Townsville.

Townsville, Queensland, Australia

If you’d like to see some suggestions of things to do while in Townsville, check out my top 5 things to do in Townsville

Have you been to Townsville before? Got some tips first timers might be able to take advantage of? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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