Things To Know Before You Go To Perth

G’day Travelers! Following on in my series about Perth, I thought it was time to share some of my tips from my experience traveling to Perth, both recently and in the past. So with that in mind, here are my things to know before you go to Perth for the first time.

Before I get started though an interesting fact about Perth, its actually one of the most remote cities in the world (second only to Honolulu), being closer to Jarkata in Indonesia, than Sydney or Melbourne.

Getting To The City From The Airport

There are a couple of ways to get to and from Perth’s Airport. The first and probably the easiest for transport into the city is the Perth Airport Connect service. For $15 each way, the shuttle bus service picks up and drops at all four airport terminals and several locations around the city. To find out more visit Perth Airport Connect’s website –

If you are looking to save money, there are two public bus options operated by Transperth between Terminals 3 and 4 (the domestic terminals) and the city. It’ll cost you about $5 per trip and set you back about 30 minutes, but the busses will connect you with the rest of Perth’s public transport system. To find out more visit Perth’s Airport’s website and Transperth’s website –

In addition you’ve also got the more costly, but direct, options of taxis and rental cars, as you do with all airports.

Getting Around The City

Perth’s CBD is actually quite easy to get around. The heart of the city is relatively small, and very easy to explore on foot. There’s a train and a couple of bus services through the center of the city, but you really wont need to worry about those to get around the CBD.

Getting Beyond The City

Beyond the CBD is where you’ll need to look into the trains and busses operated by Transperth (Perth’s public transport operator). While the heart of the city of Perth is quite small, the greater area that most people would consider to be part of Perth is sprawled out over large area (including Fremantle in the south and Scarborough in the north).

To get around there are 5 train lines linking Perth with Midland in the east, Mandurah and Armadale in the south, Joondalup in the north and Fremantle. While busses interlink other parts of Perth with the city. To find out more about the public transport options in Perth visit the Transperth website –

If driving is more your style, then Perth’s roads are pretty easy to navigate, even driving into and out of the city is quite easy. The main roads and freeways are well sign posted and interlink the making getting to and from (or even bypassing) the city quite easy. Just try to avoid week day peak hours, when the roads heading into the city in the morning (6am-9am) and out in the afternoon (4pm-7pm) better resemble car parks.

Where To Find Food

There are plenty of options for food in and around the city. However for a unique Perth experience I’d recommend heading to Fremantle, Cottesloe Beach or Scarborough Beach and dinning at any of the variety of bars and restaurants with views over the ocean. Depending on the time of year you’ll be rewarded with a stunning sunset either before, during or just after dinner.

Where To Stay

There are plenty of accommodation options in the heart of the city. It’s easy to find something that will suit your budget in Perth. However if you don’t need to be the CBD for the entirety of your trip, then I’d recommend staying out by one of the beaches like Scarborough. If you are staying out by the beaches then having a car would be worthwhile, but the sunsets are well worth the trip.

If you’d like to see some suggestions of things to do while in Perth, check out my top 4 things to do in Perth post.

Have you been to Perth before? Got some tips first timers might be able to take advantage of? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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