Things To Know Before You Go To Melbourne

G’day Travelers! Having recently got back from Melbourne, I thought I’d put together a handy list of things to know before you go to Melbourne, for people traveling to the city for the first time.

Getting To The City From The Airport

There are actually two airports servicing Melbourne, most flights arrive and depart from the closer and more convenient Tullamarine airport, including all international flights. However some domestic flights on the budget airlines operate out of Avalon. It’s worth checking which airport you are flying in and out from.

The easiest and most convenient way to get to and from Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport is to use the Skybus service. It’s a direct service from the airport terminals to Southern Cross Station on the edge of the CBD. They also offer an included hotel drop off service as part of the ticket price, or alternatively you can use the train or trams to get to where you need to go. For more about the Skybus visit their website –

For more information about Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport visit their website – and for more information about Avalon Airport including options to getting between the airport and the city head on over to their website –

Getting Around The City

Melbourne is a really easy city to get around, its well laid out and relatively flat city making it really easy to walk around and explore. However as an added bonus in 2015, the city has now created a Free Tram Zone within its CBD, which is makes getting around the city even easier. The Free Tram Zone is well sign posted, however if you’d like to know more information about it, head on over to the Yarra Trams website –

Getting Beyond The City

Going beyond the limits of the CBD however is where you’ll need to plan ahead with Melbourne’s public transport. Melbourne no longer offer tickets for their public transport, so you’ll need to pick up a Myki (Melbourne’s tap on/tap of electronic ticket system). There is a Tourist Myki which you can pick up at the Airport or the tourist information center at Federation Square for $14 which include some discounts on the local tourist attractions. But really the best thing to do (which I only found out after getting back from Melbourne) is to buy a regular Myki from any 7-Eleven store in the city and then top it up with enough money to get you through your trip.

Myki is used on all Melbourne’s Trams, Trains and Busses and is really easy to use once you have the card. For more information about the public transport system (including Myki) head on over to the Public Transport Victoria website –

Where To Find Food

Food is part of the very essence that is Melbourne, if you can’t find something or somewhere to eat then you’re no longer in Melbourne. Really the only direction you’ll need is to find the right food and for the right budget. Southbank near the Casino is where you’ll find all your fine dining experiences, Lygon Street is where you’ll find a collection of Italian restaurants, Swanston Street near Chinatown you’ll find a collection of Asian cuisine. But really there are cafes on every street and laneway so you wont be hard press to find something where ever you are in the city.

Where To Stay

There are plenty of hotels in and around Melbourne catering from backpackers all the way through to luxury resorts (like the Crown Casino complex). Ans since the tram system makes getting around the city so extremely easy. So it’s really just a matter of looking for something that’s going to suit your budget. Here’s an extensive list of the accommodation options in Melbourne.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

If you’d like to see some suggestions of things to do in Melbourne, check out my top 5 things to do in Melbourne blog post.

Have you been to the Melbourne before? Feel something else should have been on the list? Let me know comment below so I can check them out for next time.

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