The Best Travel Youtube Channels To Watch For Travel Inspiration in 2021


Ao Nang - Thailand

Over the last couple of years, I’ve accumulated a collection of Youtube channels that I like to keep an eye on to help inspire new travel destinations.

Obviously, there wasn’t much in the way of regular travel last year, so it’s hard to update this list with much fresh new content creators, but as the world starts to open back up, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for new channels.

So without further ado, here are the best travel Youtube channels to follow to inspire your own travels as of January 2021.

Louis Cole (Fun For Louis)

No travel YouTuber list could start without mentioning Louis Cole. With over 2 million subscribers, he’s a British traveller, now based in California, who spends his life travelling the world and putting together regular vlogs documenting his life and bringing the world along for the ride. Louis’ motto is “Live the Adventure”, and you’ll see from his videos, he does exactly that. Live out his adventures on Fun For Louis on Youtube.

Nadine Sykora (Hey Nadine)

Another stalwart of the Youtube travel community, Nadine’s a Canadian creator who has been putting out amazing travel content for several years. Nadine spends her time exploring all sorts of interesting destinations while putting together fun, informative videos each week. When she’s not travelling, she still puts together great travel tips making her’s a great channel to follow to help inspire your next travel destination. Head over to Hey Nadine on Youtube as well as her website for all the latest –

Marko and Alex Ayling (Vagabrothers)

Marko and Alex, these Californian brothers, originally won a competition to video their adventures ticking off the biggest baddest bucket list. Since then the duo has turned their attention to building up their own travel Youtube channel with a unique dynamic that only brothers could create. Their videos focus on discovering local experiences during their travels. You can follow their adventures on the Vagabrothers Youtube Channel as well as their website –

Brooke Saward (World of Wanderlust)

Brooke is an Australian girl travelling the world, probably better known for her blogging, but she also vlogs some of her inspiration solo travel adventures. Check out her unique take on the world on her channel – as well as her website –

Stephen and Jessica Parry Valentine (Flying The Nest)

I’ve not seen this Australian husband and wife duo appear on any other Youtube travel inspiration list, and I’m not sure why. Stephen and Jessica’s videos are fun and informative as they explore the world put together a small series of videos for each destination they visit. Check out Flying The Nest on Youtube and look at their website for more great tips.

Robyn Kimberly (Robyn Kimberly)

Robyn Kimberly is a Canadian solo-female travel vlogger who is exploring the world one video at a time… Currently travelling throughout South East Asia. Check out her channel for more details.

Mark Wiens (Migrationology)

If travel is all about the cuisine for you, then Mark Wiens might be more your flavour. Based in Asia, Mark’s videos on his main channel Migrationology are all about the local food experiences he discovers during his explorations, particularly street foods and locals restaurants. Also following the links on his main Youtube channel to his Mark Abroad channel for general travel videos.

Christianne Risman (Backpacking Bananas)

Christianne started her channel as backpacker sharing her journey around exploring South America, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Nowadays her content, while still predominantly travel-based, is a bit mixed between tips and advice videos and travel content while now returned to her native UK. Check out Backpacking Bananas to find out more.

Christian LeBlanc (Lost LeBlanc)

After cinematic travel videos which a quirky sense of humour? Canadian YouTuber Christian and his channel Lost LeBlanc might be for you. Now based in Bali he splits his time between there his native Vancouver and travelling the world. Christian’s content use to be primarily focused on South East Asia; he’s since expanded his portfolio to destinations all over the globe.

Ellie Quinn (The Wandering Quinn)

Ellie is another travel blogger turned travel vlogger from the UK. Currently, she’s documenting her travels as she backpacks through Asia and India. Check out The Wandering Quinn on Youtube and her website –

Hannah (Currently Hannah)

Another travel obsessed Australian, Hannah is currently based in Japan, producing an interesting mix of creative and cinematic style travel videos showcasing the world in her own unique style. Check out Currently Hannah on Youtube or visit –

Eight Miles From Home (Jmayel and

This is one of those channels that has circled from travel to family life, back to travel. This young family has lived in the UK, Thailand and Portugal and is now back on the road exploring more of Asia. Check out their channel to discover their cinematic travel videos – 8 Miles from Home

Cody Buffinton (Exploring With Cody)

Cody is a new addition to this list. This American traveller creates epic cinematic videos while exploring some of the most beautiful places around the world. Check out Exploring With Cody on Youtube to see his latest adventures, as he explores South America.

Eamon and Bec (Eamon & Bec)

Looking to delve into the Van Life world? Then Eamon and Bec’s channel might be more of your speed. They’ve taken to life on the road driving their way around the globe in the van they’ve built as their home. Head on over to their channel to find out more – Eamon & Bec

Kara and Nate (Kara and Nate)

This husband and wife duo have been on the road and documenting their travels since January 2016, and they’re on a quest to visit (and document) 100 countries before 2020. Something they were well and truly on track to complete. Follow their story over at Kara and Nate on YouTube.

Ash (Winging It With Ash)

Ash, formerly from The Way Away, has gone out on her own and is building up her own channel documenting the process of building her new life she looks to pursue a career in travel. Check out her new channel – Winging It With Ash.

Eric & Allison (The Endless Adventure)

Last (well, at this stage no doubt I’ll add more channels in the future) but most certainly no means least is Eric and Allison from The Endless Adventure. Another couple exploring the world in particular, at this stage of their travels, Europe. Their videos are a combination of exploring and eating local cuisine showcasing destinations in their own unique style. Check out their channel The Endless Adventure to find out more.

I hope you have found a Youtube channel to help inspire your next travel destination.

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