Adelaide Oval - Adelaide, South Australia

A Day In Adelaide

G’day Travelers! I recently had the chance to duck over to Adelaide again to cover another motorsport event. If you’d like to know more about it, you can find out about that on my other blog (
Clipsal 500 in Adelaide

Guide to Traveling to Adelaide for the Clipsal 500

G’day Travelers! Traveling to events is kind of my specialty at the moment, working as a photographer, a lot of my travel at the moment is to cover events, hence the short 24 and 48 hour style...
Adelaide, Australia

Things To Know Before You Go To Adelaide

G’day Travelers! For today’s blog post I thought I’d put together a handy list of things to know before you go to Adelaide. This isn’t a list of things to do, more just tips that first timers...
Adelaide, South Australia

Top 5 Things To Do In Adelaide

G’day Travelers! Following on from my recent trip to Adelaide, I thought I’d put together my list of the Top 5 Things To Do In Adelaide. Now I’ve by no means spent a lot of time in...
Adelaide, SA, Australia

48 Hours in Adelaide

G’day Travelers! I recently had a spare 48 hours to explore the sights of Adelaide in South Australia. It was actually a good time to visit Adelaide as the city was a buzz of activity from the Adelaide Fringe...

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