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G’day Travelers! Recently I was fortunate enough to be upgraded to Business Class on my flight to Perth. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to write a short review of my experience traveling with Qantas Business Class on a Airbus A330 to Perth.

I’m not really sure how I came to get upgraded, but I’ve taken dozens of flights already this year. Those flights have been predominately with Qantas, all around Australia. So I guess that helped in getting up upgraded. But that’s not what this post it about. I might put together another post for tips on how to get better seats on flights at a later date.

Western Australia in 2016

Yes, this photo was taken from Economy. I didn’t take any photos up the pointy end of the plane.

Before The Flight

The first perk of traveling Business Class was being able access the Business Class lounge in Sydney before my flight. I didn’t have a lot of time before my flight, but it was good to grab a quick coffee and croissant for breakfast (all for free!) and sit down briefly in a comfy lounge chair prior to my flight.

It’s not the first time I’ve been in an airline lounge, I’ve traveled with people who have lounge memberships before. But being able to sit down, grab a quick bite to eat, something to drink and catch up on some work with some free WiFi is very handy. It definitely something I’d use more if I had access to it.

Onboard The Flight

Once you get on the plane it’s a completely different experience to being back in Economy. The cabin crew fuss over you from the moment you board the plane, making sure you have everything you need to enjoy your flight.

I’d been seated 2 minutes before they were asking me for my order for breakfast… Even though I’d just eaten in the lounge! They also made sure my drink was full the entire flight. It was only water, but completely different experience to being in economy.

The next thing that really grabbed me was the personal space. The Business Class Skybed seats on the A330 have so much room. Because there was all that space, I felt much more relaxed on the 5 hour flight across to Perth than I did sitting in economy on the way back.

Flying in Business class is certainly a much more pleasant experience to flying in economy. Particularly on larger aircraft like the Airbus A330. Having walked past the Business Class seats on the smaller Boeing 737 before. I’m not sure the experience would be quite the same, at least from a personal space point of view.

Even getting off the plane was also much more pleasant, even if I was reluctant to do so. Not having to wait for the other passengers to clear was much easy, simpler and had me on the road much faster than usual.


Would I pay to fly Business Class? No. At well over double the price of an economy ticket, I couldn’t justify paying that much to fly Business Class. No matter how fantastic the experience was, it’s a lot of money that I could better use else where on my travels. I won’t be a regular in Business Class thats for sure.

However I’d definitely consider it if there was a sale or a special deal on Business Class flights for a little bit of luxury, particularly on those longer flights. I’d certainly be more than happy to use Frequent Flyer points to upgrade if the opportunity presented itself.

Flying in Qantas Business Class is a fantastic experience. If the opportunity presents itself to get there without paying retail price, then I’d highly recommend it. It’s certainly worthwhile on longer flights. But it’s definitely a luxury item, if your lucky enough.

Western Australia in 2016

Have you flown business class before? How did you find it different from Economy? Let me know with a comment below.

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