New Years Eve Fireworks at Terrigal Beach

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018!!

I spent the early part of my New Years Eve doing my usual thing, photographing the 9pm fireworks display. This year I at the beach down at Wamberal to capture the display off Terrigal Beach.

I thought it would be a great vantage point, within walking distance that wasn’t going to be too crowded. Which is exactly what it was.

Terrigal’s fireworks display started of spectacularly, however it was cut somewhat short when, well… this little mishap occurred about 4 minutes into the display. It definitely seemed to stop very abruptly from my vantage point.

The video above is not mine, it was posted on the local newspaper’s facebook page, but I did manage to capture the explosion in one of my photos. All reports seem to indicate that nobody was seriously hurt during the incident, which is extremely fortunate. It was a big bang! Which also made for a spectacular photo.

Terrigal NYE Fireworks - NSW, Australia

I also managed to snap a few more photos prior to the explosion bringing the fireworks display a sudden end. Here are a few my favourites from the fireworks at Terrigal Beach.

Terrigal NYE Fireworks - NSW, Australia
Terrigal NYE Fireworks - NSW, Australia
Terrigal NYE Fireworks - NSW, Australia
Terrigal NYE Fireworks - NSW, Australia
Terrigal NYE Fireworks - NSW, Australia

That was certainly one way to see the new year in with a bang, literally! Hope you enjoyed your NYE celebrations, where-ever in the world you saw the new year in.

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