Guide to Traveling to Sydney for the Vivid Festival

G’day Travelers! Having just spent the weekend out at Vivid, and having been the last few years. I thought it was time to put together my tips for attending Sydney’s Vivid Festival.

Vivid is an amazing time to be in the city, with icons of Sydney lit up in a stunning display of colour and animation. Vivid is very interactive festival with plenty of opportunities to either interact or control some of the many displays around the city.

Where is the Vivid Sydney held?

Vivid is a festival setup over several locations throughout the city. With some of the key focus points at the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Martin Place and Darling Harbour. Each year is different so it’s worth checking out the Vivid Sydney website – to see where the different installations are setup.

Where To Stay?

Unfortunately I can’t really give advise on this one. I haven’t been fortunate enough to stay in the center of Sydney during Vivid, but there are plenty of hotels in and around the city that would make accessing Vivid really easy. I’m sure several hotels around North Sydney and Milsons Point would have great views over the harbour during Vivid.

If you are looking for hotel however, here’s a selection of the hotels in and around Sydney.

Sydney Vivid 2015

Getting Around?

Walking within the city is the easiest way to get around, as the number of people attending has grown over the years the organisers have looked at closing streets to make it easier for pedestrians to get around. This year George Street was closed making it easy to walk from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay via Martin Place.

It’s also worth noting that there are free ferries during Vivid to take you across the harbour to Luna Park to get views of the Harbour Bridge.

Trains are also an option for crossing the bridge to the opposite side of the harbour. They are also your best option for getting to and from the city during Vivid, especially with the road closures. To find out more about Sydney’s Trains head to

What To Do During The Day?

Vivid doesn’t kick off until 6pm, after the sun has set. So to fill your day’s there are plenty of tourist attractions in and around the city worth visiting. I’ll put together another blog post, with a list of my personal favourite things to see and do around Sydney later.

Sydney Vivid 2015

Vivid Sydney Tips

Vivid has grown in popularity over the years, attracting larger and larger crowds. So to try to make the most of your trip and avoid the crowds, I’d recommend getting out to Vivid during the week, Monday through Thursday are much quieter with crowds peaking on the weekends. If you can’t get down to Vivid during the week, then try for after 9pm, which is when the crowds start to disperse. If you’re will to wait around most of the installations are operating till midnight.

Darling Harbour puts on a fireworks show as part of its water/laser light show on the weekend. The fireworks form part of the 8:30pm show with different shows each half hour, from 6pm to 11pm. It you want to get a good spot for the fireworks you’ll need to get there about 45 minutes early. It gets very crowded very quickly.

Try and get a different perspective. Look out for unique vantage points for all of the different attractions. I’ve got a few that are my go to spots, but I can’t give away all my secrets!. Just look around and see if you can find a unique vantage point.

Wear comfortable walking shoes, you’ll end up walking further than you might expect. There is plenty to see and do around the city.

Sydney Vivid 2015

Enjoyed this post? Then check out my photos from Vivid in previous years – 2015 & 2014

Have you been to the Vivid Sydney before? Got some other tips you’d like to share? Let me know comment below, and I can try them out next year.

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