How To Get Your Seat Upgraded When Flying Around Australia

G’day Travelers! I’ve been clocking up a lot of time flying around Australia in recent years. It’s allowed me to pick up a couple of tricks that allow me to get seat upgrades on my flights. Not always, but often. So I thought I’d be nice and share some of those tips so that you might just get your seat upgraded on your next flight around Australia.

Western Australia in 2016

Travel By Yourself

The first tip I have is to travel by yourself. It’s much easier to move one person than it is to move a group or even a couple. If you want to take a chance at getting a free upgrade, be it those precious exit row seats or better year Business Class. Traveling by yourself is the best way to make that happen. Especially in the case of a flight being over booked.

Ask Nicely

Asking airline staff when you check in is a the easiest way to get upgraded. Often emergency exit rows (with more leg room) have a fee to book those seats prior to your flight. However those seats need to be filled just in case there is an emergency.

While sometimes people are willing to pay extra to grab those seats, it more often the case that those seats are empty and waiting to be filled. Asking staff when you check in is the best way to pick up an emergency exit row.

Join The Frequent Flyer Program

Airlines will often favour passengers who show regular travel with the airline. While you might not travel enough to earn a lot of frequent flyer points. Some history with the airline puts you in a better place than someone who not part of the loyalty program.

Use Frequent Flyer Points

Now that you’ve joined the frequent flyer program, use the points. There are numerous ways to accumulate frequent flyer, the most popular being credit card rewards programs. As a result they can add up extremely quickly. Instead of using 10,000 points to fly from Sydney to Melbourne, you might be better off using those 10,000 points to upgrade a to business class on a flight from Sydney to Perth.

Have your own tips for getting an upgrade? Let me know with a comment below.

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