Favourite Travel Photos in 2017

My favourite travel photos from 2017

It’s about this time each year that I sit down and reflect on all the places I got to visit during the last 12 months and look back on the photos I captured during those trips.

This years travels, mostly for work, saw me going back to a lot of places I’d already been. While one of the draw cards of travel is to go places that are exiting and new, which I didn’t get to do a lot of that, I did get to spend a couple of weeks in New Zealand and go to Queenstown for the first time.

As always I had my camera (well, cameras) with me all the time, trying to create images that really showcased all the places I visited during the year. It’s very different to photograph somewhere that is exciting and new and somewhere you’ve been before.

I tend to take a very different approach to photograph somewhere I’ve been before. It’s more a about creating concepts that I’ve pictured in my mind before going there. Where as somewhere I’m visiting for the first time, it’s about capturing the “wow moments”.

Here’s a couple of my favourite travel photos from the year.

Stockton Beach, Newcastle, NSW

Stockton, NSW, Australia

Norah Head, Central Coast, NSW

Norah Head, NSW, Australia

Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Vivid – Sydney, NSW

Vivid Sydney, NSW, Australia

Darwin, NT

Darwin, NT, Australia

Gold Coast, Qld

Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

Blue Mountains, NSW

Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Queenstown, NZ

Queenstown, New Zealand

I’ve made some of these travel photos available for sale as large prints over on my business’s website InSyde Media. I’ve also put together a 2018 calendar that includes some of these photos from 2017.

I now have to catch up on a tonne of travel content, including a bunch of blog posts from 2017, so make sure you follow along on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to find out when those are up. If you’d like to get in touch for any reason head on over to my contact page.

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