24 Hours in Townsville

G’day Travelers! My adventures around Australia photographing sporting events sent me up to warm and sunny Townsville in Tropical North Queensland for a couple of days. It’s another place that I hadn’t visited before and I got the chance to spend the better part of a day exploring what Townsville had to offer. So here is what I got up to in 24 hours in Townsville.

Castle Hill

Dominating the skyline of Townsville is Castle Hill. So it seemed as good a place as any to start and get some bearings of what was around the city. I was fortunate enough to have a rental car during my time in Townsville, so the trip to the top only took me 10 minutes. But I did notice quite a few very eager people making the trip on foot.

Castle Hill is right in the middle of the city, and the several look outs on the top that offer some stunning views in every direction out over the city. It would be a stunning place to get some photos either at sunrise of sunset, so I’ll have to organise another longer trip to Townsville so I can get some more photos.

Townsville, Queensland, AustraliaTownsville, Queensland, Australia

The Strand

Next stop on my journey of discovery of Townsville’s sights was The Strand. The main thoroughfare along the beach, its lined with restaurants, bars and hotels, all with views out over Magnetic Island through the Palm Trees. I spent a fair bit of time just walking along the beaches and walk ways, taking in the views. See what facilities were in the area before grabbing lunch.

I found out later that day that a Crocodile had been spotted on one of the beaches I was walking along, a little bit eery, but a reminder that this was Croc country much like Darwin was.

Townsville, Queensland, AustraliaTownsville, Queensland, Australia
Townsville, Queensland, AustraliaTownsville, Queensland, Australia

Museum of Tropical North Queensland & Reef HQ Aquarium

Next stop was down to the marina area, near the Jupiters Entertainment Complex at the southern end of The Strand. This is where you can find all the big tourist attractions, including the Museum of Tropical North Queensland, Reef HQ Aquarium, the Indigenous Cultural Center and the Maritime Museum.

I was surprised to find out that most of these attractions (except the Aquarium) closed at 3pm which I thought was unusual. But I managed to get stop in and check out the Museum of Tropical North Queensland and get a little more information about the history of the area and some insights into the Barrier Reef which was just off the coast.

It’s also a great place to find a good selection of restaurants and hotels, which I’ll know for next time I make the trip up to Townsville.

Townsville, Queensland, AustraliaTownsville, Queensland, Australia
Townsville, Queensland, AustraliaTownsville, Queensland, Australia


The final stop for my explorations was the CBD, however the CBD was eerily quiet, especially for a business day. The silence would only be broken by the occasional Chinook flying over head, a common feature with Townsville being predominately a military city.

Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Have you been to the Townsville before? Feel free to leave your suggestions or tips of your own with a comment below so I can check them out the next time I’m in town.

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