Hiking The Bouddi National Park – The Story Behind The Photo

Bouddi National Park

Continuing on in this new series of blog posts, I thought I’d delve into a story from late last year that resulted in this photo from the Bouddi National Park on the NSW Central Coast.

Bouddi National Park, NSW, Australia

For those who don’t know, my primary work is as a motorsport photographer. Once the season finishes up in early December, the bulk of my work winds down. It’s great, I get a chance to catch up on projects and finalize the rest of my work before the end of year. But more importantly, it also allows me a bit of time off to recover from the rigours of spending 10 months of the year traveling. A good problem to have.

During the most recent off season, I decided that I’d use the free time to go on hikes and explore some of the nearby national parks, in particular the Bouddi National Park, and ultimately get fitter and healthier.

So I set off on the Bouddi Coastal Walk, one of the more popular treks in the park, also quite challenging. I knew it would give me a good gauge on my fitness which I could then reassess at the end of the off season. But just to make sure it was a real challenge, I lugged my camera bag as well. An extra 15 kilograms.

It was quite fortunate that I did bring my camera gear with me. While I certainly didn’t need all of it (a single camera and lens would have been just fine), the coast line in the Bouddi National Park is stunning. From cliffs to secluded beaches, it was well worth the effort to haul the extra weight over the trek to get the photo.

That shot in particular really stood out to me, especially the patterns in the sandstone which were amazing. It also showcases the contrasts along the coastline line.

While I won’t give away, the exact location, I’ll let you discover that for yourself. The easiest way to access this particular part of the Bouddi Coastal Walk, is to enter the walk at the northern end of Putty Beach on the NSW Central Coast. It’s well worth the effort and a fantastic place to explore.

Here are a couple more of my favourite photos from the Bouddi National Park from some of the other vantage points.

Bouddi National Park, NSW, Australia
Bouddi National Park, NSW, Australia

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