Guide to Traveling to Phillip Island for the Moto GP

Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

G’day Travelers! Following from my recent posts with tips for travelling to world class motorsport events like the Australian Grand Prix, Rally Australia and the Bathurst 12 Hour. I thought I better put together another post with my tips for traveling to Phillip Island for the Moto GP.

Phillip Island just off the coast of Victoria is home to the Australian rounds of the international motorcycle championships, the Moto GP and World Superbike Championship. Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit is one of the most scenic motorsport venues in Australia, if not the world. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been Phillip Island many times over the last few years, having worked there as a photographer for a variety events.

Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

Where is the MotoGP held?

As I just mentioned the Australian round of the MotoGP is held at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. Phillip Island is about 2 hour drive south of Melbourne. The easiest way to get to Phillip Island is to drive (or ride) down the Bass Highway until the town of San Remo, before taking the bridge off the mainland.

If driving or riding is not an option there are few public transport options to choose from, If you’d like to know about those head on over to –

Where To Stay?

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit offers some camping during large events like the MotoGP and World Super Bikes although you do need to book early as campgrounds book out.

However camping is not for everyone. If you’re not the camping type or just looking at other options, Phillip Island has numerous accommodation options, being a tourist destination year round. Here’s a selection of some of the accommodation options around Phillip Island.

Getting To and From the track?

Unless you are camping at the track and well stocked up, you are going to need a car (or maybe even a motorbike) to get around the island. Phillip Island is not very big, but you definitely need some sort of transport to get around. An alternative is the local bus service –

What To Do In The Evenings?

Phillip Island is a buzz when the MotoGP comes to town, it’s pretty easy to find the best spots around the island, they’ve got the biggest crowds. That said Moto GP and Superbike fans must go to Pino’s pickup a pizza and check out the impressive collection of Moto GP and Superbike memorabilia.

Spending Time in Phillip Island Before or After?

Phillip Island is a tourist destination year round, so there are plenty of things to do there. As a motorsport fans I’d definitely recommend getting over to the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit visitors center and cut some laps of the GoKart circuit.

Here’s a few more suggestions of things to do around Phillip Island if you’d like to spend a couple of days there before or after the Moto GP.

MotoGP Phillip Island Tips

Phillip Island is a fantastic venue for spectators, there are many great vantage points around the track. It’s well worth spend a bit of time exploring the different vantage points. A couple of my personal favourites are the top of Lukey Heights and Doohan Corner (Turn One).

It’s also a great venue to walk around. That said Phillip Island does put on a bus service to circulate spectators around the track. It’s well worth taking advantage of the busses to get a few vantage points through out the day.

Something else you need to consider before heading Phillip Island is the weather. Backing onto the Bass Strait weather on Phillip Island is highly unpredictable, it can be hot one day and cold rainy the next. Make sure account for that when heading to the island.

For more information about the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit including maps, camping options and where to buy tickets head over to their website –

If you’re heading to Phillip Island for the first time, I’ve put together a selection of tips.

Have you been to the MotoGP at Phillip Island before? I’d be interested to see if you had any additional tips I might have missed. Leave them in a comment below.

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