Because no good travel story every came from “well everything went to exactly as I expected it”.

Rhys Vandersyde

Hi I’m Rhys, a Freelance Photographer based in Australia. In 2014 I created Got Lost! as my personal travel blog. The idea behind Got Lost! was to separate and showcase my travel content, photography and videos, which were getting lost (hence the name) amongst my professional work on my personal website vandersyde.com.

I’ve always wanted to create something where people could easily find tips and inspiration for planning their own trips. Got Lost! is now that creation.

Where I've Been

As you can see I’ve visited a few countries already and with my professional photography and media work, I’ll continue to travel around Australia and possibly a few International destinations this year. So I’ll have plenty of travel related content to continue to share on this website.

That said, I’m also on the look out for other travel specific opportunities, it would be great to work with tourism boards to really showcase new places. Also if you’d like to partner with Got Lost! to take advantage of these travels or have something else travel related you think I might be interested in, please get in touch via my contact page.

To find out more about Rhys and his business, please visit vandersyde.com or insydemedia.com.au